(Please note you must have the Events Plugin installed)

  1. Login to Admin
  2. Click on Events in the Left Hand Menu
  3. Click ADD NEW button
  4. Add the Title of the Event
  5. Add a description of the Event (suggest you type this in Word and Paste into page. Remember to right click and chose Paste as Plain Text to remove all Word formatting)
  6. Click PUBLISH button to create the event
  7. Select Event Category which is the month of your event on RHS
  8. Insert an image by scrolling down and clicking Set Featured Image on the RHS (remember to keep the image smaller than 800pixels across
  9. Enter TIME & DATE in centre of page
  10. Enter Venue by clicking Create or Find a Venue
  11. Remove tick from the Show Map and Show Map Link if not needed
  12. Scroll down to enter Event Cost
  13. Enter Excerpt if needed
  14. Click UPDATE button to send your changes to the server
  15. Remember to check your changes in your website