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WordPress Quick Guide

The following explainations are provided to help you manage your WordPress website.
Please phone or SMS Jen if you have any questions. 0410 652 802


1. Login to the your website by adding “/wp-admin/” to the end of your URL in the address bar of your browser. Google Chrome is the  recommended browser. For example, if the URL of your website is “http://newcastlewebsite.com.au” then your WordPress login page will be “http://newcastlewebsite.com.au/wp-admin/”

2. Enter the username and password that we assigned to you. If you’re not sure what it is, please email us and we’ll email it to you.

3. Once you’re successfully logged in, you’ll be taken to your website’s “Dashboard.” Notice the big “W” in the upper left corner of the Dashboard with your website name just to the right of it. Your name up there is a link to your website. Click on your website name to go to your website homepage. When you’re at your homepage, you’ll see a gray navigation bar across the top of your browser window which will be visible only when you’re logged into the site.