Animations and Image Slide Shows

Animations and slide shows are a very powerful way to draw peoples attention to your product or service. People naturally look at moving objects so it’s logical to utilise this natural human tendency.


Don’t make your customers read reams of text – because they won’t get the message! A banner can convey your message in a clear and exciting format.

The particular message your animation conveys is only limited by your imagination! Common examples are: range of services, range of products, company message or motto and of course special offers.

To make designing your animation as painless as possible please answer the questions below and give us a call.

Before you contact us with your order please think about the following:

  • What size would you like your animation? Size in pixels (350×50) or (468×60) or other
  • Would you like text in your animation? If so, you will need three or four words or short phrases that best describe your company, product or activity.
  • What sort of animation would you like on your text?
  • What colour would you like your text?
  • Would you like to use graphics or photos in your animation? If so, you will need to email them to us or give us a call to describe them so we can create them for you.

Animation Design Tips

  • Sketch out a story board of what you want your animation to show, from beginning to end.
  • Think of words and pictures that would naturally interest your audience and quickly catch their attention.
  • Try not to make your animation look too much like an advertisement. Instead make it look informative, practical or just beautiful.
  • Determine where you animation is to be featured. You will want the animation to look like it is a part of the webs